I just saw your art and I have no idea what it's for but I just recognized that it was Phil's room from the head board&little bit of blanket and somebody had to know how deeply entrenched my brain is in Dan and Phil's lives peatwents


BUT YEAH you’re in good company because I think I have their rooms and furniture memorized too. *hangs head in shame*

You're starting to get a lot of recondition for your work. Do you plan on using it for anything other than the AoT/OHSHC crossover? Do you have any other current plans? -curious anon Anonymous

Ahaha, well hi there curious anon! It’s kind of funny to get a question like this! I just hope to keep drawing and keep improving and keep coming up with new ideas! My crossover isn’t only thing I’m going to draw, it’s just something that I’m having fun with for the time being.

Hmm.. I wanna keep drawing my jeanmarcos and snk peeps, and maybe even fan art for other animes I like?? LIKE PRINCESS JELLYFISH, GOD I love that show. I think mainly I want to get comfortable with my style and to keep telling stories! :D

I absolutely love your art style! Anonymous

NoooooOOOO YOU LIE *blooshies* image

Thank you, I’m so happy you do!!
I have a lot to improve on, but I’ll keep working hard! ;w;